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Paper Chess

Is there a chess that is free, so light and so small, that it fits inside an envelope? Of course there is!.. It is so easy! All we just have to do is follow the directions below. What we need: 1) Printer, 2) Scissors, 3) A sheet of paper, size Α4, 4) An envelope.  Procedure: First, download and print on the A4 page the following image, which is the chessboard and the chessmen. Having the page printed, cut with the scissors the chessmen part, to separate it from the chessboard. The chessboard is ready now. Following the dotted lines, carefully cut the 32 pieces. Our chess is ready! We may lay out the pieces on the chessboard and challenge an opponent to play with us... When we finish playing, we fold twice the chessboard (over the lines) and put it, with the pieces, into an envelope.  That's all. Checkmate! ~ Paper chess ~  Paper Chessboard ~ Handicraft ~