Silly Sunny Shaky Sketchy

There are many words that could describe the material of ... of this... of this... this... hmmm!.. Whatever.
CLICK ON 4S to find out for yourself. 

Readers Warning (Achtung-achtung) !
- If while reading the "4S" material, your screen melts down, or if any device around you gets fire or just fails to work, or if there's a sudden flood in your bathroom, or if you find a tree rising up in your room, or if a shooting star happens to fall on your vehicle, this would be an unfotunate but 100% random incident. Sh*t happens, just accept it! Do NOT by any means blame
- is not responsible for any brain-damage that the "4S" material may cause to its readers or viewers  ...
- Please proceed (at your own risk).

~ funny ~ surrealistic ~ cartoons ~


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