The corner of the Hattrickaholic: Welcome!

"The corner of the Hattrickaholic" is a series of one-page comics, where the heroes are strongly addicted players to the popular internet football-manager game "Hattrick" (

The original stories were created by 2 friends from Greece, teodoreh and Kostas3001. Initially they were written in Greek by teodoreh, drawn in black and white by Kostas3001, and were created to be published week-by-week on an internet "Hattrick-magazine" of the game federation "Macedonian Presidents", back in 2007.

Years later, Kostas3001 and Teodoreh, are proud to present the English colored version of the comics! Today there are more than 35 pages of "Hattrickaholic" stories, colored and translated in English, for you and every Hattrick-addicted manager to enjoy. 

Many people have worked since then, on translating the "Hattrickaholic" in other languages: Tryskell, rei85, Klang1, jotechkid, EliseoFusions, FairPlay3, NachoG82, rommel_sniper, zymbo, Ufozz, FB-Utku, Ahmed_Menevse, rul3r,  ljushaff, Neroni, Linkadoor, MIHA-master, blah_blah, Moryc ...
The original htholic multilingual site is accessible at .

For the stories in English, click on any thumbnail below...
...but first, Meet the heroes...

All the Hattrickaholic's stories:..
1. Super pull
2. Technical support
3. I defeated my co-worker
4. a. Supporter (+blooper),
b. CHPP unapproved
5. Transfers and Computer help
6. Scouting day
7. Cup final (Hellenic season 31) (3 pages)
8. Who's the Boss
9. Sorrow
10. Rehabilitation day
11. Elections day
(2 pages)
12. New Youth Academy
13. Living the dream!
14. Fan travels
15. Rebuilding the arena
16. Summer
17. Back to school
18. I have a friend…
19. Day off for the Cup final
20. Looking for a transfer
21. Embarrassment
22. Season 32,
Hellenic Cup final
23. The kidnapping
24. New rules
25. Bet
26. Phobias
27. The biggest liars
28. Access blocked!
29. Time for training
30. Need a computer?
31. The circle of the lost bots
32. Memory upgrade
33. Christmas stories
(1, 2 & 3, plus blooper)
34. Fans with memory
35. Transfer market
HT World Cup XI, Candidate story [Uncut]

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