Christmas Landscape

Christmas wallpapers

A byzantine chapel with the light on at Christmas day, and the star of Bethlehem and angels above it, a greek Christmas ship is sailing in a peaceful bay and a christmas tree, among other firs, is being wrapped with colorful lights.
A wallpaper that is designed in four different dimensions, to fit for any screen.

(wide) - picture resolution: 1600x1000

(normal) - resolution: 1280x1024

(HD) - resolution: 1366x768

(iPad) - resolution: 640x960

Happy holidays!  :-)

On hot sand

This guy lives desert conditions...

~ A guy lies for hours on the hot sand, under the burnig rays of the sun, asking for some water. ~

A sensitive spider

So, what's this? A rocking love-bug?

~ Two snails notice a ... humanitarian spider that's dressed like a carnival, wearing a mask and a spring-heart ~